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Sage Consulting is an SAP software solutions and technology partner developing Add-On solutions that further compliments and enhances the SAP ERP HCM application. We offer software solutions certified by SAP such as Sage HCM Scan – Master Data Governance for Personnel Administration and Organizational Management – along with a multitude of other valuable tools to assist in the implementation and management of SAP ERP HCM.

Sage HCM Scan

Master Data Governance for SAP ERP HCM

Poor data quality can be the undoing of an HR personnel system. With an increase in self-service applications and third-party outsourcing, it is essential that companies have the same controls on employee data as they do their business financials. Sage HCM Scan enforces a company’s defined business rules for the SAP ERP HCM application. This turnkey solution ships with a catalog of proven audits but can be easily enhanced to include your own.


Sage HCM View

Master Data Query for SAP ERP HCM

Employee data analysis can sometimes be a challenge for HCM users. The business may frequently require impromptu analysis not provided by SAP standard reports or custom queries. Sage HCM View is designed to provide quick analysis of SAP HR infotypes combined with common key personnel administrative data. The solution is easily configured to provide employee information from either standard or custom infotypes and provides comprehensive reporting without requiring the user to have technical scripting skills.


Payroll Control Record Workbench

For clients who need to manage numerous payroll areas, we provide an easy-to-use workbench that quickly displays the status of all your payroll areas and allows you to change the current state of one or many payroll control records at the same time. This product is essential to those administrators responsible for a large number of weekly payrolls.



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